About Us

California Casualty has been around for over 100 years100 years ago, California Casualty was formed to protect the quality of life for those who enhance and strengthen American communities.


Our history is a rich part of who we are today. Our founder, Carl G. Brown, Sr., the grandfather of Thomas R. Brown, would be amazed at how we do business today, but he would clearly recognize our values, which haven't changed. We strive to earn our customers' trust each day and give them the best possible service.


In 1914, we started as a customer-owned company offering workers' compensation insurance to California's new and growing industries. In 1917, we began offering auto insurance, followed by home insurance two decades later.


In 1951, we pioneered what's now become an industry trend of affinity insurance programs, when we received the endorsement of the California Teachers Association (CTA) to provide auto and home insurance to their members.


Sixty-five years later, we still serve CTA members and have expanded nationally, with endorsements from the National Education Association (NEA), school administrator associations, colleges and universities, public safety groups and nurse associations.

To learn more about California Casualty or to get a quote, go to CalCas.com or call 1.866.680.5142.