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Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in the California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant. To apply, please read the Guidelines & Conditions and complete the online application below. Or, download and print the PDF , complete the application and return it by email, fax or mail. We value your privacy.

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School Information


Please notify your Principal and Athletics Director that you have submitted an application for the California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant on behalf of your school. Email addresses are required for communication purposes.

Applicant Information

Are you an active employee of the school listed above? Yes No
Are you a current member of the NEA or other participating educator association**? Yes No

Refer to Guidelines & Conditions for participating educator associations

For award consideration for your school, please answer the questions below.

Is it a school-sanctioned or publicly funded sports program? Yes No
Does your program receive any funding from the School District? Yes No
Is this sports program in jeopardy of being eliminated? Yes No
Which One?
Please send me information on other education related community impact opportunities as they become available
All information is kept 100% Safe & Secure!