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Auto Recalls: What You Need to Know


San Mateo, CA, April 29, 2016 … Millions of Americans are driving a car that has been recalled because of a safety concern. The statistics are a bit unsettling – the number of recalled vehicles reached 51 million in 2015, second only to 2014's record of 60 million vehicles.

Auto experts say the bulk of the recalls were for faulty airbags, which have been linked to injuries and deaths. However, other recalls were for hazards involving steering, cruise control, engines and seat belts. These failures have led to sudden loss of control of the vehicle, parts failures in a crash, or caused vehicle fires.

California Casualty is committed to your safety. We urge everyone to utilize the National Highway Traffic Safety website to see if the vehicle they or their loved ones are driving has an active recall at

Despite a major effort by automakers, only 75 percent of vehicles that might have issues have been brought in. That means close to one-in-five cars or trucks on the roads today is in need of a repair for a safety defect. The type of vehicle with the highest rate of unfixed safety issues is a family-owned minivan. SUVs and pickup trucks are a close second and third. Often, this means the drivers of those cars or trucks, maybe someone you know, is at significant risk if a part should fail.

There are many reasons why drivers aren't getting defective vehicles to a dealer or mechanic:

  • They are not aware of the recall
  • They worry it will take too much time or cost too much
  • They just don't care
  • Recall notices are often mailed to an old address

That's why there is one simple place to see if your automobile has a recall at

If you find your vehicle on the recall list, safety groups recommend that you contact the car dealer immediately to set up an appointment to have it looked at. You should not have to pay for any parts or labor because of a recall. Not all vehicles may need a fix, but finding out will bring you peace-of-mind.

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