Pet Insurance

Feed them, love them, insure them

You shouldn't have to choose between your pet and the cost of care.

At California Casualty, we understand that your dog or cat is part of your family. Our pets are living longer, thanks to better nutrition, medications, and new treatments in veterinary care—and your well-being depends on their well-being. But unexpected veterinary expenses during your pet's life can present you with the wrenching dilemma of allowing money to dictate the health of the pet—often at the worst possible time.
That's why we partnered with Pets Best to offer you a range of insurance policies for your pets.*

Plans for dogs and cats

Pet's Best's plans cover illnesses, accidents, and injuries, as well as routine wellness exams and specialist care, including:

  • Emergencies, surgeries, tests, treatments, and prescriptions
  • Hospitalizations, outpatient care, cancer treatment, MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, and lab tests
  • Teeth cleaning, vaccinations and spay/neuter
  • Dermatologists, ophthalmologists and holistic care

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*Not available for alumni and friends of SRJC.

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California Casualty is proud to offer one of the nation's premier pet insurance products.