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Claims Process
We know that having an accident or loss can be a financial hardship as well as worrisome. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to file a claim.

Report a Claim
Find out more about filing a claim, be it an emergency claim or a minor, non-emergency claim. Important claims contact information is located here.

Report a Glass Claim
Please call Gerber National Glass at 1.800.216.2784 to report glass-only claims when the glass hasn't already been repaired/replaced and the damage is not in addition to another loss (such as vandalism).

Express Tow Service
Please call toll free 1.800.331.7350 for express tow service. This number can also be found on the back of your ID card.

Track a Claim
What is the status of your claim? What are the next steps? Find out more about how to get an update on your existing claim.

Report Insurance Fraud
If you suspect fraud, notify the police or California Casualty at 1.800.842.5848 or 1.650.572.4666.

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