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California Casualty Awards Two Lucky Winners $2,500 Through Its Educator Jackpot Giveaway

San Mateo, CA, April 23, 2021—Two lucky educators (one active and one retired) just received the news that they were the first to win California Casualty’s $2,500 Educator Jackpot giveaway. Created to bring a little excitement to education professionals across the country, the $2,500 Educator Jackpot will give (8) eight lucky educators $2,500 to spend how they want.

California Casualty Field Marketing Manager, Jessica Meda, made the surprise announcement to our California winner in person - socially distanced, of course. The event was a success with many staff, members and administrators in attendance. Our winner, Shannon F., was very surprised to hear the news that she had won the jackpot.

Shannon, an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and California Teachers Association member from Palmdale School District, heard about the $2,500 Giveaway on the California Casualty Facebook page. She plans to use a good portion of the funds for her classroom and students, and the remainder to financially help her daughter who will be attending college in the fall.

Shannon has been a teacher for 30 years, attributing the kids as her reason for joining the profession. When asked what advice she would give to anyone interested in joining the field of education, Shannon, stated, “Be patient and flexible. This work requires you to be adaptable and always willing to learn.” She also shared that her CTA membership provides many resources and the support that she needs to do her job.

NJEA Member, Angela M., received the news that she was a winner virtually. Angela is a retired educator who taught Fourth and Fifth Grade for over 25 years in Bergen County, New Jersey. At age 93, and retired from the profession since 1990, Angela says she will most likely donate a part of her $2,500 winnings, but otherwise does not have plans for the money.

Angela recalls that when she was actively teaching, she and her students were a team – they worked together and learned from each other. She said that June and September were her least favorite months during the school year. She hated September because she had to pretend to be a big bad ogre so that the students thought she was tough, but she hated June because he meant she had to say goodbye to all of her friends.

During the presentation made by California Casualty’s Account Relations Manager, Alina Fayerman, alongside NJEA Member Benefits Associate Director, Beth Buonsante, Angela repeated that it was such a big surprise and that she was overwhelmed by how lucky she was. Her son also played a role in the celebration with a “Great Job, Mom!” on-screen chat message that gave everyone a warm smile.

Winners for California Casualty’s $2,500 Educator Jackpot will be randomly selected every three months of the year with two winners chosen each round. Different from the previously run Academic Award, the Educator Jackpot prize is granted to the individual - not the school they represent. This change allows recipients the option to spend the funds on anything they need (or want).

Shopping, a day of pampering, or to simply pay bills—the options are endless.

Interested members can enter at The dates for selecting winners are below. Each entry automatically rolls into the next drawing, so there are multiple opportunities to win throughout the year.

Dates of Winners Selected:
March 17, 2021
June 16, 2021
September 15, 2021
December 15, 2021

“Working with educators for 70 years, we’ve seen how much they give of themselves for others,” said California Casualty Sr. Vice President Mike McCormick. “This award is one of the many ways we show support and give thanks for all that they do.”

California Casualty hopes the $2,500 can bring opportunity and relief when there are so many uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on educators.

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Teacher and CTA member Shannon F. receives the news she won from Jessica M. of California Casualty

Angela M., a retired teacher and NJEA member celebrates her $2,500 prize.