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California Casualty Honors American Heroes


San Mateo, CA, August 1, 2016 … American heroes need thanks and appreciation now more than ever.

Recent incidents targeting police officers means they are subjected to new threats in their already stressful jobs. Firefighters are on the front lines rescuing others and facing down searing flames. Let's not forget the teacher staying late to help a student succeed or the exhausted nurse returning home after a 12 hour shift meeting patient needs.

California Casualty ‘s Nominate a Hero program offers a way to say thanks to those who routinely go above and beyond to help and inspire others. Nominees receive the recognition they deserve as well as a $250 gift card and their place in the "Hall of Heroes."

Wendy R., a Santa Cruz County, California Sheriff's deputy is one of the nominees. Wendy was dispatched to a residential fire and arrived to find the home fully engulfed in flames with a person trapped on the second floor. Wendy got a neighbor's ladder and climbed up to rescue the woman, saving her life.

Despite the heroics, Wendy said that the best part of her job is seeing kids' faces light up when they see her in her uniform. "I love knowing that I make a difference in people's lives."

Another nominated hero is Mace M., a volunteer firefighter in Bishopville, Maryland.  He too responded to a person trapped in a residential fire. With flames shooting through the roof of the second floor, Mace and a sheriff's deputy rushed inside and successfully pulled the victim to safety.

Mace has been protecting his community for many years, serving as 1st assistant chief, 1st lieutenant of EMS, cadet instructor and EMS captain, and currently holds the position of vice president and fire captain of the Bishopville Volunteer Fire Department.

Another 2016 hero is Christa S., an Athens, Georgia nurse who donated a kidney to a woman that she had never met. Christa was moved to do good even though she had recently lost her home in a fire and her car was totaled in a collision with a deer. Rather than feeling defeated, Christa wanted to share her blessings of health and family.

Christa is a mother of two who teaches American Sign Language to adults and donates money to support underprivileged children in other nations.

"We hear the stories about struggling teachers paying for resources out of their own pockets, exhausted nurses sacrificing to provide the best possible care, selfless firefighters risking everything to protect lives and homes, and peace officers laying their lives on the line to protect total strangers," said Scott Randolph, California Casualty's Social Media Manager. "We felt compelled to pass these stories of heroism along and honor the men and women who do extraordinary things every day."

Nominate your hero at and share their story with others.

California Casualty lives up to the promise that "We protect American heroes."

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Wendy is a 2016 Hero

Wendy, a California Sheriff's deputy, saved a woman from the second floor of a burning home.

Mace is a 2016 Hero

Mace, a volunteer firefighter, pulled a victim to safety from the second floor of a residential fire.

Christa is a 2016 Hero

Christa, an American Sign Language teacher, donated a kidney to a woman she never met.