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CSFA/California Casualty Team Up for Photo Contest


San Mateo, CA, December 28, 2018 – Have you ever wondered what it’s like being on the frontline of a fire, feeling the heat and battling the flames? California Casualty and the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) are providing a glimpse with the CSFA photo contest. The contest highlights the bravery and camaraderie of the men and women in the fire service, and the explosive situations they encounter. Each winner receives a gift card from California Casualty.

The 2018 second and third quarter winners were recently announced.

Second quarter winners were:

  • Brandy Carlos, $200 first place prize for a photo of colleagues working a motorhome fire in Riverside
  • Joe Fanaselle, $75 second place for capturing the image of a firefighter silhouetted by flames during the Falcon Incident in Riverside County
  • Fernando Villicana, $25 third place for his captivating picture of firefighters dwarfed by a ball of flames during a commercial fire in Anaheim

Third quarter winners were:

  • Kyle Andrusenki, $200 first place for a photo of Los Angeles firefighters battling a commercial auto parts blaze
  • Jason Hawkins, $75 for his image of the Mendocino Complex Fire
  • Mike Marquardt, $25 for capturing a prescribed training burn with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District and East Bay Municipal Utilities District

The fourth quarter winners will be announced soon.

Firefighters around the Golden State are invited to enter their pictures to win prizes at https://www.csfa.net/CSFA/CalFF/articles/CSFA_Photo_Contest.aspx. Each quarter, the top pictures are chosen by votes on social media and judging by a committee, with gift cards provided by California Casualty.

“Firefighters are on the lines every day courageously protecting our homes and businesses. The least we could do to say thanks and highlight the amazing work they do putting their lives at risk,” said Mike McCormick, California Casualty Senior Vice President.

At the end of the year, the top pictures from each quarter will be entered in a “photo of the year” contest, with one being chosen for a $300 prize and featured on the cover of an edition of the California Fire Service Magazine.

See the second quarter winning photos at www.csfa.net/CSFA/CalFF/articles/CSFA_2nd_quarter_photo_contest_winners_announced.aspx, and third quarter winners at www.csfa.net/CSFA/CalFF/articles/CSFA_3rd_quarter_photo_contest_winners_announced.aspx.

Founded in 1914, California Casualty provides auto and home to firefighters, law enforcement, educators and nurses, and has been a partner with CSFA since 1974. Learn more about California Casualty at www.calcas.com.

Second Quarter Contest Winners

Collage of the 2nd quarter winners of the CSFA photo contest

Third Quarter Contest Winners

Collage of the 3rd quarter winners of the CSFA photo contest