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Robin Freese

NEA/PSEA Member Wins California Casualty’s $25,000 “Keep on Course” Jeep Compass Giveaway

San Mateo, CA, November 11, 2020 – California Casualty just awarded $25,000 to NEA/PSEA/PMEA member and Counselor at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, PA, Marjean L., through its “Keep on Course” Giveaway. The national contest launched January 2020 and ended early October—with Marjean randomly selected as the winner. Marjean’s entry was one of nearly 38,000 received.

The “Keep on Course” Giveaway was introduced by California Casualty just before COVID-19 became a reality. The purpose of the campaign was to remind educators—who typically lead extremely busy lives—to avoid the temptation to multi-task or become otherwise distracted while driving.

Today, the reality of virtual, classroom and hybrid learning requires educators (who are often parents) to juggle even more tasks at home and at work. Driving when there is so much going on—rushing to the next destination because they were helping their kids or students for longer than expected; mentally rewriting the ever-growing home/work checklist; or sending that quick text to let colleagues or loved ones know that they’re on their way—is still dangerous despite there being fewer cars on the road.

California Casualty wants you to stay focused on the road when behind the wheel. “Your safety is important to us,” said California Casualty Sr. Vice President Mike McCormick. “We appreciate everything you do and we know that your commitment extends beyond school to your home and family.”

It means a lot to California Casualty, NEA Member Benefits and Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) to award this gift to a well-deserving educator. Marjean is a school counselor who has been in education for 28 years. She chose her career to help students reach their potential and find happiness and success in life. When asked what it means to be a counselor in 2020, she replied that society is filled with so many challenges and that it’s a privilege to help students through life.

Mary Kay Fair, Penn Manor Education Association (PMEA) President, shared her thoughts during the surprise assembly. “We are so happy today that our long-term member Marjean was the national winner of the California Casualty “Keep on Course” Giveaway and the $25,000! It’s very timely because it’s the Penn Manor Education Association’s 50th Anniversary. We always tell our members to be sure to use their NEA Member Benefits Programs. We are very happy for Marjean today and we greatly thank California Casualty!”

Marjean heard about the California Casualty contest through a member benefit email from the National Education Association (NEA). She plans to use the $25,000 to help her daughter with college tuition. Still in shock, she added that the possibilities are endless.

She finished her thoughts on winning the contest with one important reflection, “I didn’t need a check to show how grateful I am to be a member of the Penn Manor Education Association (PMEA)."

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Marjean L., NEA/PSEA/PMEA Member and Counselor at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, PA Wins California Casualty’s “Keep On Course” $25,000 Giveaway

Marjean L., PMEA Member and Counselor at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, PA Wins California Casualty’s “Keep On Course” $25,000 Giveaway

California Casualty Surprises Marjean L., Counselor in Millersville, PA, With the News that She Won Their “Keep On Course” $25,000 Giveaway