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Robin Freese

California Casualty’s 2021 Net Promoter Score® Continues to Show a Positive Trend

San Mateo, CA, July 29, 2021—California Casualty’s latest Net Promoter Score survey shows that its auto and home insurance policyholders are highly likely to recommend the company to others. The organization has been using the widely adopted NPS methodology to closely monitor customer experience quarterly since September 2015.

The June 2021 NPS score is the highest California Casualty has received yet.

The continued upward trend indicates that the company’s business decisions, brand efforts and customer initiatives are delivering positive results despite the tumultuous year experienced by the insurance industry as a whole.

  • When asked “What does California Casualty do really well,” Customer Service was the leading answer - followed by Rates, Claims and then Coverage
  • Group Endorsement (42%) is still in the top spot when new customers were asked to self-categorize why they chose California Casualty
  • For customers who have recently renewed their policy for the first time, Endorsement (37%) and Good Price (30%) remain the top two reasons given when they were asked to self-categorize why they chose California Casualty
  • Customers who have been policyholders for more than two years, once again stated Endorsement/Affinity (44%) as the primary reason for choosing California Casualty

While the overall score is indicative of a company that’s doing what is best for its customers, California Casualty believes the real value of the survey is found in the specific written comments gathered.

With a compilation of over 48,000 customer responses from twenty NPS® surveys now mature, the organization is able to share the detailed impressions of customers across all departments.

“2020 and the first half of 2021 was a very challenging environment with a global pandemic that changed almost every aspect of our business. That said, we must continually focus on any incremental changes needed across the organization to make sure that every customer interaction is seamless and every customer experience delivers unmatched value,” said Joe Volponi, California Casualty’s President and CEO. “Our customers expect that from us.”

California Casualty will continue to deploy the survey on a regular basis to monitor NPS® data for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Company-wide analysis of the information will allow the organization to collectively prioritize improvements needed in the areas driving customer experience.

Net Promoter Score® is a key metric used in customer experience programs and is widely adopted by Fortune 1000 companies and other organizations. It measures customer loyalty and is often used as a predictor for business growth.

Founded in 1914 and headquartered in San Mateo, California with Service Centers in Arizona, Colorado and Kansas, California Casualty provides auto and home insurance to educators, firefighters, law enforcement and nurses across the country. Learn more about California Casualty at or call 1.800.800.9410.