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Ohio Teachers Win Completely Renovated Teachers Lounge for the New School Year


San Mateo, California, August 28, 2012…With back-to-school season in full gear, one local high school is starting the year off right by welcoming its teachers back to a new and improved faculty lounge. Tusky Valley High School in Zoarville, Ohio was the big winner of a California Casualty School Lounge Makeover. The newly-renovated lounge was unveiled just in time for the new school year.

Tusky Valley Chemistry and Physics teacher Kelly Gulling says she entered the California Casualty School Lounge Makeover giveaway as a way to give back to her fellow educators and staff members.

"It's nice that we have a bunch of teachers who work really hard every year and I just thought it would be a nice thing that could get done for everyone," says Gulling.

Gulling's efforts to reward and appreciate her fellow educators aligns perfectly with California Casualty's mission behind the School Lounge Makeover program.

"In these times of school district cutbacks, there are not a lot of funds available to maintain school lounges," says California Casualty's Steve Thompson. "California Casualty saw early on that the more we support the teachers and educators, the bigger impact we have on helping our kids. Ultimately that is what it is all about."

The Tusky Valley teaching staff learned of their big win with a surprise announcement at the school in May. From there, designers Marc Canady and Sarah Gallery with EON, a Colorado-based office product and furniture dealer, set out to make the outdated space match up with this lively group of teachers.

"After visiting and meeting with the vibrant and energetic staff at Tusky Valley, their lackluster and dated lounge seemed anything but fitting," says Gallery. "The tiny space was made to feel even tinier with the cumbersome vending machines, oversized tables and oversized empty storage."

Despite an outdated lounge lacking in adequate space and seating, Tusky Valley High School teachers and staff were anything but demanding. Upon learning of the awarded makeover, they had minimal requests. They asked the EON design time to make the space more cheerful, bright and modern.

"I would love just a relaxing area, a place where we can come to relax and unwind," Gulling requested. "Just some space for the teachers for us to unwind for a few minutes out of the day."

Taking the teachers' requests to heart, the EON team went to work. The newly renovated lounge was revealed at Tusky Valley as soon as the teachers were ready to return to school. The lounge was given new life with a fresh coat of paint and vibrant horizontal stripes. New window panels were installed to allow more light into the lounge. Teachers' request for lounge seating was met with a row of armless chairs, new side tables, and a larger, oval table. California Casualty also replaced the room's sink, faucet, storage and appliances. The newly renovated space was capped off with fresh artwork and plant life.

"We feel the resulting product of this transformation is the creation of a more cheerful, bright, and modern lounge," says Gallery. "It is more representative of the incredible staff at Tusky Valley that goes above and beyond every day in creating and molding the future leaders of tomorrow."
To enter the next "School Lounge Makeover" sweepstakes, qualified teachers can simply visit before February 1, 2013. No purchase is required.

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