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$7,500 School Lounge Makeover® From California Casualty Unveiled at Anaheim, CA School


San Mateo, California, June 05, 2014… The staff lounge at Gilbert High School in Anaheim, California is now bigger, brighter and more inviting, thanks to the latest $7,500 School Lounge Makeover® from California Casualty.

CTA member and winner Brady Michel was all smiles at the unveiling May 30. “There is more space,” he said. “(Before) I’d just eat lunch in my classroom; now I will come in here to eat. It looks great.” Brady’s name was randomly picked from more than 25,000 entries.

Using a scheme of alternating colors and open space, designers incorporated wall rails to accommodate portable marker-boards and more storage. The area was also adorned with modern lounge chairs and furniture, artwork, live plants, a larger meeting/dining area and new appliances including a single cup coffee maker and two microwaves.

Fellow teacher Bob Blanton, remarked, “We’re in a classroom with forty kids and there is barely room to walk around. To come in here where there is space is a breath of fresh air.”

Recognizing the lifelong impact of teachers, California Casualty created the School Lounge Makeover® contest in 2010 so education professionals could enjoy an inviting, functional space where they can take a break, recharge, and interact with their colleagues.

So far, instructors from seven schools across the nation have won lounge makeovers in the past three years.

The next winner of a School Lounge Makeover® from California Casualty will be named this fall. The deadline to enter is October 3 and the more staff members from a school who enter, the better their chance of winning.

The entry form and complete rules can be found at

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California Casualty Field Marketing Manager Diane Munck and winner Brady Michel

California Casualty Field Marketing Manager Diane Munck surveying the new lounge with winner Brady Michel

California Casualty School Lounge Makeover Flyer