Automotive Insurance California

Automotive Insurance from California Casualty

Does it feel like your automotive insurance plan just isn't the right fit for your family's needs?
Do you ever wonder if you could get better service at a competitive price point? California Casualty has the automotive insurance package you've been looking for.

What kinds of benefits are you looking for in your automotive insurance plans? California Casualty offers:

  • Broad Policy Protection - same level of coverage for anyone driving your vehicle.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Claims Service – our claims agents are available any time day or night.
  • Personal Property Coverage – theft of personal property up to $500.
  • Numerous Optional Coverages – affordable premiums for enhanced services like emergency towing and roadside assistance.
  • Express Service - emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day in all 50 States and Canada.
  • And much more!

California Casualty provides excellent coverage for all of our community service sector employees. If you're a peace officer, fire fighter, educator or nurse, the automotive insurance from California Casualty is made specifically for you!  We love serving those who choose a life of service! We do it because we know service employees are some of the most conscientious drivers around.

Get some peace of mind and save some money! Get a free quote for automotive insurance from California Casualty. We'll call you right away with some answers and options!



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