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California Casualty Reveals the Impact Teachers Have with Students


San Mateo, CA, October 26, 2016 … Thanks to an emotional video produced by SoulPancake in partnership with California Casualty, Southern California educators and their former students have become an internet sensation. Their interactions have been viewed more than 15 million times on Facebook and over 50,000 times on Youtube. What is captivating so many people and why were the teachers moved to tears? Find out and see the video at

Quite simply, being an educator can be very challenging. It's often a daily tight-rope-walk of meeting new standards while relating to and engaging students. The commitment can leave many drained, wondering if they had an impact on the young minds in their class. That's why California Casualty partnered with SoulPancake to surprise educators with some of their former students during a video about the challenges they face in their profession. The encounters ended with laughter, tears and hugs.

The video, featuring educators from Santa Monica, La Cresenta and Glendale, has touched the lives of educators across the nation and elicited some amazing responses. It was released on October 18.

In a time where education is more important than ever, California Casualty and SoulPancake are highlighting the extraordinary impact teachers have on their students and their communities.

California Casualty is rewarding educators for their "focus" with the chance to win a new Ford Focus. Learn more at

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