Casualty Insurance


Casualty insurance is usually insurance concerned with liability, and less with personal health, asset security or life insurance. The most common example of it would be something like auto liability insurance or recreational vehicle insurance.


Why is California Casualty Insurance a Better Quality Provider?

The simple answer is: We understand who we serve best and dedicate all of our work to them. Who are they? Our nation's community service employees. We best serve those who dedicate their lives to public service. These people are our nation's Registered Nurses, Peace Officers, Fire Fighters and Teachers. California Casualty Insurance partners with the NEA, fire and police unions and more to provide the most coverage for the best price for all of our public servants.

What other benefits does California Casualty Insurance offer?

California Casualty Insurance plans feature our 24–Hour Emergency Claims Service. No matter where you are or what time of day or night it is, our agents will be ready to serve you. Our claims representatives are available by phone or email to handle any issue or complication you may have during the claims process.

It's About Service and Dedication On Both Sides of the Desk

California Casualty Insurance recognizes that superior customer service starts with fast and efficient claims handling and sensitivity to our customers' specific needs. We do all we can to act quickly to process and validate each claim from start to finish.

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