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California Casualty is committed to providing excellent customer service. It's a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We survey hundreds of policyholders every year to find out how well we achieve that goal. Here are our most recent results.

Claims Service
Completely Satisfied 95.6%  

Customer Service
Would Recommend California Casualty 99.6%

Survey Results Year End, 2017

Doing it all is my job."

"My patients demand my attention in so many ways—from making sure their medications are right to monitoring their vitals to just holding their hand," says Howard Onga, Registered Nurse. "They depend on me to know what I'm doing in any given situation." California Casualty will take the same kind of care with your insurance needs.

I'm there to meet their needs."

RN Stephanie Brown knows all about her craft and she knows a lot about people, too. "It's not an assembly line," she says. "These are people, not numbers. We have to always remember that." California Casualty knows that you care for your patients' bodies and emotional needs. Let us help you with your insurance needs—we're your kind of people.

I support them no matter what."

Casey Aldridge teaches American History to 15-year-olds who'd rather be doing anything else. When she makes a connection—even with one kid—it reminds her why she became a teacher in the first place. Casey uses her knowledge to make a difference in kids' lives. When Casey has insurance needs, we put our knowledge to work for her.

Of course I know they'd rather be texting."

You didn't become a teacher for the glamour—you did it to make a difference for them. Let us make a difference for you.

It's not just about them memorizing stuff."

Yes, your job is to teach—but it's also to pay attention to what's going on with your students. That's what makes you a great teacher. California Casualty puts this same attentiveness to work when it comes to your insurance needs.

They were prepared when I wasn't."

Seasoned LAPD officer Laura Elliott was unprepared for the reality of her teen daughter driving, but California Casualty was ready: peace of mind for mom, dedicated website for daughter. We're ready for you.

I don't expect to be thanked. I'm doing my job."

Property Officer John Bolton's day is all about guns, drugs, and money. He safeguards evidence until it's needed for investigation or trial. John knows how many people depend on him to do his job. When he needed insurance for his first home, he turned to us. We knew how much he was depending on us for the right information.

I have to be prepared for anything."

Volunteer Firefighter Brian Jordan's job is about being prepared at a moment's notice, and having the right tools for the job. We have the expertise Brian and his partners need to insure specialized equipment, so they can worry about the important stuff—saving lives. 

It's a family, and you don't forget that."

My partners and I have been through so many things together—some things that I can only talk to them about," says Firefighter Caroline Bergman. Sometimes you want to talk to someone who knows you. When it's about saving lives, you turn to your colleagues. When it's about insurance, you turn to us.

Customer Feedback

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