Fallen Officer/Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit


Automatically available to our policyholders at no extra cost

California Casualty created a special policy feature that helps to provide peace of mind for the family/partner of an public safety professional who makes the ultimate sacrifice, called the Fallen Officer/Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit.

Since 1969, California Casualty has been partnering with public safety associations to provide members with tailored auto and home insurance policies that meet the needs of their members. Both organizations recognize the ultimate sacrifice of the families who have lost a loved one and wanted to do something for the surviving family members to ease the burden of their loss.

The Fallen Officer/Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit is in place for you and your colleagues that are insured through California Casualty in all the states in which we write insurance except for GA, MT, NH, TN, and TX. There's nothing you need to do and no calls to make for this benefit to be activated. What's better, there's no additional costs involved.

Here's how the coverage works: Should a public safety professional's life end in the line of duty, the premium will be waived for the surviving partner/spouse for the remainder of the current policy year and for the following policy year up to the limit of liability stated in the endorsement.

California Casualty is currently the only company to offer this type of premium waiver for fallen public safety professionals. This benefit among many others is the reason why your association chooses to make California Casualty's Auto & Home Insurance available to its members. California Casualty takes great pride in protecting our policyholders who protect our communities. We graciously thank you for all you do.

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