Fire Fighter Insurance


California Casualty fire fighter insurance policies are built to help everyday heroes get the most coverage on an affordable schedule. California Casualty has dedicated themselves to helping public sector employees get the most out of their insurance because most insurance companies don’t do their best to cover them.  

We’re different. California Casualty is a recognized leader for public sector employee insurers, and we don’t take that lightly. Find out how much you can save with our online quote generator here.

You can also call us direct at 1.866.680.5143.

What does California Casualty do better for Fire Fighter Insurance?

•    Better discount rates for fire fighters
•    Guaranteed rates for a year
•    Personal payment plans
•    Better broad coverage
•    Easy online filing process
•    High-rated protection

Who are we?

We are California Casualty Insurance Company. We are specialists in providing comprehensive teacher, nurse, educator and fire fighter insurance policies. We pioneered what's now become an industry trend of affinity insurance programs when we received the endorsement of the California Teachers Association (CTA) to provide auto and home insurance to its members.

Sixty years later we still serve CTA and its members and have expanded nationally with over 100 other endorsements including the National Education Association; many police, state trooper, and firefighter associations; and universities and medical centers. If you’re curious about what we can do for you, just enter a couple of basic pieces of information in our online insurance quote generator. We think you’ll be impressed at what California Casualty fire fighter insurance can do for your bottom line.

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