Flood Insurance from California Casualty


In California, flood insurance is important for nearly every type of property owner. In every other state, there are many other reasons why flood insurance is a requirement for successful homeowners, so don't treat flood as an "It'll never happen to my family" scenario. The threat is real, and the disaster of flood damage can arise almost instantly.

California Casualty Insurance wants to make sure your family and all your assets are protected from floods caused by:

  • River swells
  • Mud slides
  • Sewer malfunctions
  • Hurricanes
  • High tides and tsunamis
Flooding can be absolutely devastating to your home and property, and flood insurance for California homeowners is one of the best ways to recover quickly.

Is flood insurance in California necessary when there's already the federal disaster assistance?
We don't recommend this. Only around half of all flooding is classified by state authorities for federal disaster assistance. The only real option is to get insured through California Casualty for flood insurance before a disaster strikes.

Did you know?
Even a single foot of water invading an average home can cause $20,000 in damage to the structure and assets inside.  Flood insurance from California Casualty is your first line of defense against these types of disasters.

Keep your mind at ease, your family safe and your assets protected. Get a free quote for flood insurance from California Casualty here or by calling us at 800-646-5690. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll be surprised how affordable our packages for homeowners are.


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