Public Servants Make their Homeowner Insurance Company California Casualty


Did you know California Casualty is a top-rated homeowner insurance company in California? Since the beginning we have moved steadily outward into the rest of the country, because just like homeowners in California, a good homeowner insurance company can make employees of the community happy everywhere.


Why we're a better choice as your homeowner insurance company
California Casualty is successful because we understand the specific needs of a very special sector of workers – community servants. If you're a nurse, a fire fighter an educator or a peace officer, California Casualty should be your choice for a homeowner insurance company. We've been serving those who serve our communities for decades. Speak with one of our service agents and find out why we're a better choice.

Did you know?
California Casualty is a top homeowner insurance company, but we're also well known for providing customized and competitive packages for mobile homes, renters insurance and condo insurance.

How does California Casualty insurance company calculate my homeowner insurance rate?
We usually ask a few simple questions, such as these below:
  • How many high-value items are currently in your home?
  • What sorts of improvements in security have been made to your home?
  • Have you constructed detached pieces on the property such as a trellis, stone wall or deck?
  • Are you of retirement age?
  • Have you installed an in-ground pool?

It only takes a few minutes to send some easy answers, but you'll be happy at how much it helps you save!

Protect your property, your family and your peace of mind through a top-rated homeowner insurance company in California. We've been helping people get the most out of their insurance for decades and we can help you! Get a quick quote for your homeowners insurance using this form now. 


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