Insurance for Educators


Insurance for Educators at California Casualty

Educators are the glue of our society. They connect the past and present while pushing students to create new and innovative ideas for the future. Here at California Casualty, we have created some some new and innovative ideas of our own. By examining the wants and needs of the American teacher, we have created different insurance policies for educators that will keep you safe and happy.

California Casualty offers many different types of insurance for educators. We have created auto and motorcycle insurance for educators based on the needs stemming from the requirements of your occupation. We also offer home and renters insurance as well as many other types of insurance plans that are specifically tailored for today's educator. We know that as educators, you are deeply involved with teaching our children and do not have the time to be worried about your insurance policies. We promise to take care of that for you.

Nothing is more appreciated than what you do for our children. We want to provide you with quality insurance in the same way that you provide quality education. Unlike the other companies, our insurance policies for educators are independently structured for people just like you. Please take a minute to get a quote from our website, or feel free to give us a call at 866.680.5143.

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