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EZ Pay
Automated Payment Plan
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Your insurance payments are automatically deducted monthly from your bank or credit union account. And you select the deduction day from the 1st through the 28th of the month.

EZ Pay is particularly suitable for teachers, since you can opt to skip your July and August payments or August and September payments. We also offer a Holiday Skip plan. Ask your insurance representative for more information.

A $1.00 service charge per installment applies in most states.

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Annual Pay View Details

You pay your total annual premium by paper check, electronic Quick Check, money order, VISA or MasterCard. There are no fees or installment charges.

5–Pay Installment Plan View Details

We bill you in five installments, about every 60 days. You can make your payments by paper check, electronic Quick Check, money order, VISA or Master Card. A service charge of up to $5 per installment will apply.

Payroll deduction View Details

You may have the option of paying your insurance premiums by payroll deduction through your employer or sponsoring association. Check with your group or employer to see if payroll deduction for your California Casualty insurance premium is available.