More about Our Property & Casualty Insurance Companies

California Casualty Insurance is deeply involved in providing exemplary service. Through excellent service, we are able to offer the highest quality protection at a competitive price, while also being able to maintain our financial obligations to our policyholders, employees and claimants.
As a premier provider, our property & casualty insurance companies attempt to operate with complete moral and financial transparency and honesty. We provide quality service to quality clients and offer our service only to those who are likely to measure up to our standards.  
We offer our premier service through broad contracts and attempt to fulfill it to the letter and also the spirit of them. It's our primary obligation to determine property & casualty insurance needs of our customers and to fill these as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We keep our promises and don't try to make claims we can't deliver on. Because of this our property & casualty companies are able to construct long-term relationships with customers based on loyalty and personal consideration. We value your business and make sure you know why.
California Casualty Insurance trains people in the art of providing superior service held to high standards of performance. We make it their focus to train constantly to learn their jobs, and always look for ways to improve their performance.
We train our people to be friendly, responsive, helpful, prompt, accurate, and conscientious — not only to our customers but with other employees, claimants, suppliers, and the general public.
Every person in our organization contributes to our reputation and should adhere to our high standards both on and off the job.

Without training and dedication, property & casualty insurance companies inevitably fail. California Casualty Insurance has been serving customers since 1914. Find out why we're a better choice.


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