Beau Brown

Chairman of the Board

Beau Brown works diligently at his desk

Hard at work, Beau Brown exemplifies the core values of the California Casualty Code.

Despite some summer jobs with California Casualty, it was not inevitable that Beau Brown would make a career in the family business. But after graduating Dartmouth, he was considering a graduate degree program when his father casually suggested in 1986 that Beau “try out” the company for a couple of years. Beau was agreeable, and embarked on an elaborate training program that gave him a solid introduction to nearly every company department.  After that he was hooked – although he did go on to Stanford to earn his MBA (and thus continued the four-generation family legacy at that institution, too).

He honors the past,
but marches toward
the future
to his own distinct beat.

Beau learned California Casualty from nearly every vantage point, and when he became the Chief Executive Officer in 2007, he realized that he didn’t need to bring in outsiders to build his team. There were capable, high performing and dedicated employees to mold into perhaps the company’s most collaborative executive group yet, including his right-hand man in 2013, President Joe Volponi (who became California Casualty’s CEO in 2019).

The executive team has precision-tuned California Casualty branding through development of the tag line – “We protect American Heroes” – and amplification of digital marketing. The company expanded the hero niche market in 2009 with the addition of the nursing profession. Group relationships within all four professions – educators, firefighters, peace officers and nurses – are growing.

Beau Brown and his family are avid fishers

Carl Brown Jr., Pamela Brown and Beau Brown fish Paper Mill Creek in Marin County, 1965.

In 2008 Beau instituted the Thomas R. Brown PRIDE in the Code program, which recognizes employees engaging one or more of four core values: Acting with Integrity, Fulfilling our Promises, Providing Exceptional Service and Working as a Team.  An annual winner is selected from quarterly winners. Employees enjoy being on a first-name basis with Beau, and appreciate the fact that he reaches out to them regularly.

A love of nature and fly fishing endures in the fourth generation Brown household. Beau, his wife Adria, son Thomas and daughter Alina frequently head to Wyoming for fly fishing and time with Tom and Joan Brown.

Beau’s leadership continues the tradition of high integrity, customer-first focus and walking-the-talk of the California Casualty Code.  He sees his tenure as a time of executing on the run of change and innovation implemented by his father. While he did not ever personally know his great grandfather, Beau Brown is mindful of the legacy entrusted to him. He honors the past but marches toward the future to his own distinct beat.