California Homeowners Insurance Quotes


Don't leave your family's most important asset exposed or underinsured. California homeowners are presented with a myriad of challenges and hazards year-round. Make sure you have an experienced insurance company backing your property.

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How Does California Casualty Calculate Homeowners Insurance Quotes?
We can better assess your needs by getting answers based on these questions:

  • Are you self-employed and/or work at home?
  • Do you have high-value items stored in your home?
  • Have you performed any improvements to your property?
  • Do you have detached structures on the property such as a barn, stone wall or deck?
  • Are you of retirement age?
  • Are your liability limits lower than your accrued assets?
  • Do you have burglar and fire alarms installed?
How would I calculate the correct coverage for my personal property?
This is one of the more simple rules for California Homeowners Insurance Quotes. The amount your homeowners insurance provides for personal property should be fifty percent of the amount your dwelling coverage is. So if your Dwelling coverage is insured for $100,000, then that means your personal belongings are protected for up to $50,000.

Did you know?
California Casualty Insurance covers homeowners, but we also provide competitive packages for mobile homes, renters insurance and condo insurance.

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