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We are a High-Rated California Property and Casualty Insurance Company

California Casualty Insurance does more than just protect your property and family – we commit to the community at large with important awareness campaigns, sponsorships, charity drives and more.

We make a commitment to the people who serve our communities with their lives and safety. If you serve as a peace officer, a registered nurse, a fire fighter or an educator, California Casualty Insurance wants to be your protection partner.

California Casualty Insurance Keeps Your Property Secure
You may have casualty insurance or auto insurance now, but what does it really cover? Have you checked recently with your agent to make sure? The property and casualty insurance industry has been going through lots of changes recently, so you owe it to yourself to know if your company is shifting gears to keep up like California Casualty Insurance.

What happens when you let property and casualty insurance lapse?
California Casualty Insurance understands that sometimes accidents can't be helped no matter how careful you are. A single accident can be ruinous to the average police officer or fire fighter. Don't get caught paying for a single mistake for the rest of your life. We can help design a coverage plan that's powerful and affordable.

Visit our Customer Service section and use our simple form to get a free quote now. California Casualty understands that property and casualty insurance is something that's important, but shouldn't be complicated. Contact us for a free quote here.


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