Car Insurance Nurses


Car Insurance for Nurses with California Casualty

At California Casualty, we respect those who work toward bettering their community, and those who are involved in health care work harder than anyone to keep their community active, vibrant and healthy. One of our goals is to provide car insurance for nurses who work so hard to keep other people in a great condition.

Our car insurance policies for nurses have been created to meet the specific needs of someone in the health care field. For example, we have reduced our deductibles by $500 for any vandalism or collision that occurs while you are at a facility volunteering or working as a health care professional. Since we specialize in providing insurance to people like you, California Casualty's car insurance for nurses gives much needed answers to all of the questions you might have about car insurance.

After a day filled with different ailments and different patients, we know your patience is running low. With our car insurance, nurses can retire from a long day of work and find comfort that our 24-Hour Emergency Claims Service has been put in place just for them. With this service, you can report a claim at any time and from any place.

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