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Let us help protect what's most precious to you. California Casualty has served those who serve our communities for decades, so we know what kind of special needs they and their families have regarding their homes. You won't find more competitive home insurance rates in California anywhere else. We're dedicated to serving the men and women who serve our communities.

If California Casualty offers competitive home insurance rates, is there a gap in coverage for the basic plan available?
Absolutely not.

Our homeowners policy is actually a "package" of coverages. One part of the package protects your home and belongings from specific events that can damage your property. It also provides additional living expenses if you are temporarily unable to live in your home because of an insured loss. Another important part of the package covers you for lawsuits or liability claims that might otherwise be your responsibility if you accidentally injure other people or damage their property.Our home insurance rates get even more competitive when you do simple and specific things to protect it, like installing electronic burglar alarms, or upgrading the fire and smoke alarms.

When is a good time to review my home insurance rates to see if I have enough coverage?
As the saying goes, "No time like the present," but there are other times you might choose to review with one of our agents. These times would include after you have constructed new assets to your property such as a storage shed, a greenhouse, a deck or a stone wall.

Another example of an appropriate time to review is after you have made high-dollar purchases for things like jewelry, art or home electronics and business equipment.

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