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We're here to help you understand your policy and options. If you have a question that's not answered here please give us a call at 800.800.9410.

All coverages and discounts may not be available in all states. In the case of any loss, the policy terms and conditions will apply. Please contact us for complete details.

Yes, we will delete an inoperable vehicle from your policy upon request. Please keep in mind that many states have regulations which require you to insure a vehicle during the entire registration period. Some states will impose a fine and/or suspend your registration if you remove insurance on a registered vehicle. Prior to requesting that we delete an inoperable vehicle we suggest you check with your state's specific requirements. You may need to deregister the vehicle or register it as inoperable prior to removing it from your insurance policy. Should the vehicle become operable again, you should notify the company of the change in status.

Your California Casualty auto policy will normally provide coverage to an “insured” while operating a rental car in the US, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico, or Canada. The type of coverage may vary depending on the coverages you carry and the state where you rent the car. There may not be coverage, though, for a U-Haul Moving Truck or other similar vehicles. Please refer to your Policy Contract for further details.

All household members age 14 and older need to be listed on your automobile insurance policy. If the household member has a permit or driver's license we will list them as a driver. We don't charge a premium for household members who have a permit or are not licensed.

Yes, we offer a good student discount for students attending an accredited high school or college full time (12 academic units for undergraduates; 9 academic units for graduate students). The student must achieve in the most recent grading period:

  • Upper 20% of class
  • Grade average of "B" or better
  • Numerical GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Dean's List or Honor Roll

To apply for the discount we need a copy of the grade transcript from the most recent grading period or a completed Good Student Discount application. We need this information at each renewal to continue the discount.

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