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Your family has changing needs over the years, and homeowners insurance policies from California Casualty can change with you.  Our insurance coverage packages are diverse and powerful, and one of the homeowners insurance representatives at California Casualty can help you devise just the right plan to help keep your family and assets safe for years to come.

There are so many ways to save on your homeowners insurance rates through a few extra steps.
You might think it's difficult to get better rates with a higher amount of coverage, but it's possible. California Casualty has been serving a special group of people with better policies for years: our community service employees. Community service employees are people like:

  • Public Safety Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Teachers and Education Administrators
  • Registered Nurses and Home Caregivers
With more than 50 years of excellence in providing homeowners insurance, California Casualty understands what you need
For decades, California Casualty has been designing policies that benefit our society's most trusted employees. We go further to provide them with affordable auto, rental and homeowners insurance rates that provide just as much value to them as they do to our communities. We are also dedicated to offering them exclusive benefits, money-saving discounts, and exceptional customer service.

California Casualty Homeowners Insurance is highly-rated in satisfaction for service from teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and registered nurses all across America. Find out why they're so satisfied. Use this quick form and get an accurate quote for auto or homeowners insurance. One of our representatives will contact you soon with some suggestions.


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