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Law Enforcement Auto Insurance at California Casualty

Some insurance companies forget the fact that your occupation requires extreme amounts of hard work and dedication. Here at California Casualty, we know that there is no job like law enforcement. Auto insurance policies from California Casualty take the unique needs required by your job description into account.

Law enforcement auto insurance policies at California Casualty offer an abundance of different benefits that match your different coverage needs.  As a member of law enforcement, your auto insurance policy will cover any off-duty weapons, firearms, or other equipment that might be left in your vehicle.  Additionally, we are the only insurance company that offers a fallen officer/fallen hero survivor benefit program. This program is free and automatic, and it protects your family in the case of an unfortunate event while in the line of duty. Nothing is more important to us that your safety and security, but we also want you to know that we are looking after your loved ones too.

Listen to some of the testimonials by fellow members of law enforcement. Auto insurance from California Casualty has been developed to fit your occupational needs. We understand your job requires you to possess special items and perform special duties, and we take that into account. We have many different coverage policies that are sure to fit you perfectly.

Law enforcement can be a very stressful and overwhelming job. The last thing you need from an insurance company is a generic policy. California Casualty is dedicated to providing you with all of your auto insurance needs as quickly as possible. It only takes a few minutes to find a quote, or you can call us at 866.680.5143. We look forward to hearing from you!

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