Nurses Car Insurance


Nurses Car Insurance with California Casualty

Who spends long hours in an environment where anything could happen at any moment? Nurses. Car Insurance for people in the health care field should not be as complicated as helping a patient. We understand this, and we facilitate easy and simple feelings about car insurance to health care professionals who keep our community alive and well.

At California Casualty, we try to make car insurance for people in the health care field as painless as possible. Nurses with car insurance from California Casualty have a sense of ease when dealing with us, and it is because we know what your profession asks of you.  We also provide you with a policy that aligns with your needs. Nurses with our car insurance speak about the positive aspects of having a policy that is specific to the health care profession.

We know that work can be stressful, and we want you to feel comfortable while dealing with your patients. If your vehicle is in a collision or vandalized while you are volunteering at a facility or working as a health care professional, nurses with car insurance from California Casualty have a deduction that are reduced by $500.00. This is just one of the many helpful parts to our specific car insurance policy for nurses.

As a health care professional, you understand the need to feel well. We provide this feeling to nurses and other public service professionals. We want to help you as much as you help us. For more information regarding car insurance for nurses, please call 866.680.5143 or visit our auto insurance coverage page.

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