Our Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

With the right people, there's nothing a property and casualty insurance company can't accomplish.
They're able to build tradition.
They're able to accumulate quality assets.
They're able to refine their dedication to service.
They're able to provide this service at the greatest value.
We are a property & casualty insurance company that dedicates every bit of effort into accomplishing greater levels of all of these goals every day. We've been doing it for decades.

A Property and Casualty Insurance Co. Building a Legacy of Excellence
California Casualty Insurance has been serving people since 1914, from a company that began with an idea, and bloomed as it was nurtured by a dedicated family. For years, California Casualty Insurance Co. has provided people who serve our communities better value and service backed by millions in assets. Is your family ready to partner with an insurance company with a stellar record of service? We want to hear from you.

A Property and Casualty Insurance Co. That Does More
California Casualty makes it their mission to personally serve local and regional communities in the US. Our business culture supports employees who make the effort to give back to their communities. We feel nothing is more important in building character and trust. It's more than just donating a bit of our pay checks; it's about donating our time.

We dedicate efforts every year to raising money and awareness about health research, hunger relief and social problems such as dangerous driving. We encourage our employees to help those less fortunate with food, clothes and gifts during the holidays. We even give our customers the opportunity to reduce their waste by opting for electronic payments and document delivery.

California Casualty Insurance Company's Guarantee
We dedicate all of our work to our clients and customers, but also make sure everyone within our company is treated with kindness and respect. We treat our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors with the same courtesy and generosity every chance we get.

Find out how much better it is partnered with a property and casualty insurance co that cares more about building trust through superior service – we think you'll be impressed.

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