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About CCMC Stock

Shares of CCMC stock are divided into two series—Series A (voting shares) and Series B (non-voting shares). All issued and outstanding Series B shares, and some Series A shares, are subject to written share restriction agreements restricting transfer of the shares; giving CCMC certain repurchase rights; and giving those shareholders the right to “put” those shares back to CCMC subject to certain conditions and restrictions. Currently, new shares (Series B exclusively) are only issued to employees under two employee stock incentive plans.

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Adjusted Book Value

Since the shares do not trade on an exchange, CCMC uses an adjusted book value per share as the value of the shares. Adjusted book value is computed monthly.

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Stock Dividends

At the discretion of its Board of Directors, CCMC typically pays a dividend each quarter in March, June, September and December.

CCMC’s stock transfer agent is EQ Shareowner Services.

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