Texting While Driving


California Casualty is committed to finding ways to fight the texting while driving temptation. Here is a low cost solution that saves lives.


OTTER enables parents to control the texting habits of their teenage drivers with the first of its kind GPS / Parental Control Feature. Parents can enter a password and know that while their teen's phone is in a moving vehicle, OTTER will silence all primary text notifications and auto-reply with an anti texting and driving message.

  • Nearly 50% of teen drivers admit to texting while driving
  • Nearly nine out of 10 Americans think texting while driving should be outlawed. But two-thirds of adults admit that they’ve done it, according to a Harris Interactive survey.

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With OTTER, you can quickly let your friends know that you'll get back to them in those situations when you don't have the time or inclination to write a full text reply. Groups of fully editable text responses can be saved and quickly retrieved. Create a group of text responses for each friend, each day of the week, each...? You can even engage the GPS feature yourself to help you break the text & drive temptation. You'll increase your chances of actually making it to your destination by 23 times!

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Texting while driving