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Welcome Educators!

Auto and Home Insurance Provided by California Casualty

Discover the protection you need and the savings you deserve.

Insurance Coverage Designed for Educators

Teachers and Educational Support Staff

We understand the weight of responsibility you carry with you every day while sharing your knowledge with the youths of our communities. You spend most of your time supporting our children and caring for them day in and day out. This is why we designed our auto and home insurance policies to bring you peace of mind with specific coverage for your profession.

We Know Educators

California Casualty is the preferred auto & home insurance provider for teachers and educational support staff.

From the highest quality of service to exclusive benefits and special rates, we deliver on our promise to protect you and your loved ones at a reasonable price.

Special Benefits for Educators

We understand all of your unique needs. This is why our insurance policies include special benefits designed just for educators and educational support staff. We partner with educational associations to bring you the best insurance coverage possible.

Some of the great benefits included in our insurance plans are:

  • Summer or Holiday Skip payment plans
  • Coverage for school supplies stolen from your car or classroom

*Not available in GA, MT, NH, TX or VA

We offer many benefits

Collision Deductible Waived Benefit

Your auto insurance collision deductible will be waived for accidents with other California Casualty auto policyholders or for accidents caused by uninsured motorists.

Protect your identity with Identity Theft

Identity Theft

All California Casualty customers receive free ID Theft coverage. A personal fraud specialist will guide you through the entire process to resolve the situation.

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