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Insuring your home as well as your personal possessions is critical. Let us show you how we give you protection, value and service with our home insurance.

California Casualty offers competitive rates and excellent service to education and public safety association members, credit unions, and select employer groups.

You receive discounts for having a home security system, for not smoking, for combining your home & auto policy, and many other reasons. We also offer benefits for peace officers, firefighters, teachers and nurses. You can pay for your coverage using one of our convenient billing plans.

Call us at 866.680.5143 to talk about how we can serve you.

Call us at 866.680.5143 to talk about how we can serve you.

California Casualty’s Home Insurance program is available to qualified customers in: AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, OR and WY. Coverage, rates, discounts, benefits and availability may vary by state.

Alternate programs may be available from one of our partner carriers for customers in other states. Coverage not available in: AK, HI, MA, MI, NY or WI.

Home insurance is underwritten by California Casualty and our partner markets.

Flood Insurance

Only a few inches of water from a flood can leave you with thousands of dollars in overwhelming damages. Homeowners Insurance does not cover damages caused by a flood.

You can protect your home and possessions by purchasing a flood insurance policy. Our representatives at California Casualty can determine what flood zone your property is located in and what coverage options are available.

To speak with a representative about flood insurance, please call 1.877.652.2638.

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