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We Protect Law Enforcement Officers and Troopers
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Welcome ACSPP Members

Auto and Home Insurance provided by California Casualty

Auto and Home Insurance provided by California Casualty

Insurance Designed for ACSPP Members and Their Families

Law Enforcement Officers and Troopers

You are dedicated to protecting Colorado and deserve auto and home insurance that protects you with the same commitment. California Casualty specializes in tailored coverage for LEOs—with special features and benefits—so you can stay focused on public safety.

Association of Colorado State Police Professionals

California Casualty is the preferred auto & home insurance provider for law enforcement officers and state troopers.

With 99% customer service satisfaction, you’ll find that we deliver on our promise to protect you and your loved ones with exclusive benefits and occupational discounts.

Special Benefits for ACSPP Members

Coverage for Uniforms

Your auto insurance policy will include $500 personal property coverage for items—including uniforms that you’ve purchased—damaged in or stolen from your vehicle.

Personal Property Coverage

Take advantage of homeowners/renters insurance that covers $3,000 for laptops, firearms, and coverage for uniforms not covered by a clothing allowance while away from home.

Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit

We will assist your family with the auto and home insurance premiums if you lose your life in the line of duty.

Not available in GA, MT, NH, TN, TX, or VA

Broad Policy Protection

Your coverage automatically extends to others driving your vehicle (with your permission), and you driving other vehicles (borrowed or rented).

Towing and Roadside Assistance

You won’t be stranded with our 24 hour roadside assistance and towing to the nearest repair facility.

Limitations may apply

Identity Theft Resolution

Our insurance policies include free identity theft resolution with a personal fraud specialist to help restore your good name.

99% Customer Satisfaction Rating

99% Customer Satisfaction Rating is based on an internal customer and claims service results survey done in 2018.

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