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Insurance for AEA Members

Arizona educators and education support professionals like you strive to improve the lives of your students and enhancing your communities. At California Casualty, we strive to improve the lives of our policyholders with exceptional customer service and insurance tailored to your needs. Because we don't insure the general public, our auto and home insurance is specifically designed for public educators with special benefits AEA members will appreciate.

Arizona Education Association

California Casualty is the preferred auto & home insurance provider for educators and education support professionals.

With 99% customer service satisfaction, you’ll find that we deliver on our promise to protect you and your loved ones with exclusive benefits and occupational discounts.

Special Benefits for AEA Members

Pet Injury Protection

If your cat or dog is along for the ride with you in your car, we’ll cover up to $1,000 in vet bills if injured in a covered loss with a zero deductible.

Summer or Holiday Payment Skip Option

We can help with your monthly budget when you take advantage of our summer or holiday skip payment options.

Where available

$0 Deductible

You don’t pay your deductible if your vehicle is hit or vandalized while parked at school, school administrative office, or education association office.

Not available in NH. First $100 collision deductible cannot be waived in PA.

$3,000 Personal Property Coverage

Take advantage of homeowners/ renters insurance that covers your laptop and other personal property used as educational materials with no deductible.

Excess Personal Liability Coverage

Get peace of mind with Educators Excess Liability coverage that extends to the classroom and school functions.

Rates Locked in for 12 Months

Your preferred rates are locked for a full year and don’t increase every 6 months.

99% Customer Satisfaction Rating


99% Customer Satisfaction Rating is based on an internal customer and claims service results survey done in 2018.

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