Car Insurance for Law Enforcement


Car Insurance for Law Enforcement with California Casualty

Law enforcement is a field filled with uncertainty; you never know what can happen. You have to remain on your toes and alert at all times. Here at California Casualty, our car insurance for law enforcement personnel allows you to relax and enjoy life. We want you to feel certain that we are here to help by providing car insurance policies that are tailored to your field.

Being in law enforcement, you have certain needs that are not often considered by other insurance companies. What would most insurance companies do if you were off-duty and something happened to your necessary law enforcement equipment that was left in your car? California Casualty's car insurance for law enforcement policy covers that, and we also have many other benefits too. You don't have to worry, because we have already created a policy that is unique to the requirements of law enforcement.

In the event of an unfortunate accident in the line of duty, we are the only company that has a free and automatic fallen officer/fallen hero benefit program that comes with our car insurance. Law enforcement is a dangerous field, and we want you to know that you, and your family, are very important to us.

We have been providing quality car insurance for law enforcement officials for many years, and nothing makes us happier than to help the people that help us. We are truly honored to be a trusted insurance company that helps people who take care of the community. Please visit our auto insurance coverage page or call us at 866.680.5143 for more information.

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