Renters Insurance Coverage

Protection. Value. Service.

Coverage with you in mind

Protection isn't about price…It's about peace of mind.

California Casualty gives you the right amount of coverage for the best value possible with a variety of benefits and coverages designed just for you. Designed for your peace of mind.

A renters policy is actually a "package" of coverages. One part of the package protects your belongings from specific events that can damage your property. It also provides additional living expenses if you are temporarily unable to live in your home because of an insured loss.  Another important part of the package covers you for lawsuits or liability claims that might otherwise be your responsibility if you accidentally injure other people or damage their property.  

Benefits such as:

  • Broad Policy Protection
  • $500 Lost Luggage Coverage
  • $1,000 Unlawful Use of a Debit or Credit Card Coverage
  • $0 deductible for Loss of Use (Additional Living Expense)
  • ID Defense

Designed just for educators:

  • $3,000 Personal Property Used in Teaching Coverage with $0 Deductible* (*policy deductible applies in NH)
  • $500 Theft of Fund Raising Monies & Goods Coverage with $0 Deductible* (*$25 deductible applies in NH)
  • Educators Excess Liability Coverage
  • School Violence Death Survivor Benefit* (Not available in GA, MT, NH, TX or VA)

Designed just for firefighters & peace officers:

  • $5,000 Personally Owned Off-Duty Weapons Theft Coverage
  • Turnout Gear Coverage
  • Personally Owned Uniforms Coverage
  • Fallen Hero/Fallen Officer Survivor Benefit

You can also add other option coverages to protect what is important to you. Call us at 866.680.5143 to hear more about custom protection for you.