Police Officer Car Insurance


California Casualty’s Police Officer Car Insurance

After a long, hard day serving your community as a police officer, car insurance should be the least of your worries. Here at California Casualty, we eliminate your worries by providing insurance policies that align with your occupational needs.

California Casualty’s police officer car insurance policies offer many different benefits specific for today’s hard-working law enforcement agent. We understand that you have particular needs as a police officer. Car insurance policies from California Casualty offer coverage for off-duty weapons or firearms, in addition to any other law enforcement equipment, that might be left in your vehicle. We know what your job requires, and you should know what your insurance company does to meet those requirements.

As a police officer, your car insurance policy should support the needs from your profession. We know that law enforcement is difficult and dangerous. That is why we provide a fallen officer/fallen hero survivor benefit program that protects your family in an unfortunate accident that could happen while on the job. We are presently the only insurance company that offers this free and automatic benefit. We want you to know that we are looking after you, as well as your family.

You offer a remarkable service to your community; now let us offer a remarkable insurance policy to you. You deserve a specific insurance policy that is guaranteed to meet the specialized needs your job places on you. Our auto and motorcycle insurance page contains more information regarding police officer car insurance, or you can call us at 866.680.5143.

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